Teach Your Children to Play

My girls love to play together. They play mommies, school, gymnastics, grocery stores and other pretend play with each other and their dolls.  They come up with different games all the time, and I am so proud, that they have such a great imagination. It wasn’t always like that.  For a while I could see… Continue reading Teach Your Children to Play

Easy cooking project for a preschooler

Nutella Frozen Yogourt Sandwich Ove of the first cooking projects I have done with my kids was Nutella Frozen Yogurt Sandwich.  It is easy to make, fun and yummy.  You will need: Vanilla Yogurt Nutella (for a healthier choice: banana or strawberry) Gram Crackers First, have your preschooler spread Nutella on Gram Crackers Then, put… Continue reading Easy cooking project for a preschooler