Adjusting to Preschool

From reading my previous post about my three-year old daughter’s first emotional day of preschool, you know that it hasn’t been easy for us.  It has been a long four weeks, but today, I just dropped her off, she waved goodbuy and went to play with her friends. It was a long road for both… Continue reading Adjusting to Preschool

Easy cooking project for a preschooler

Nutella Frozen Yogourt Sandwich Ove of the first cooking projects I have done with my kids was Nutella Frozen Yogurt Sandwich.  It is easy to make, fun and yummy.  You will need: Vanilla Yogurt Nutella (for a healthier choice: banana or strawberry) Gram Crackers First, have your preschooler spread Nutella on Gram Crackers Then, put… Continue reading Easy cooking project for a preschooler

How to handle a melt down at a swim meet

While it is still on my mind… Yesterday, Anastasia (my oldest daughter, age 4.5) had her swim meet. It was her fourth or fifth one, so by now, I was thinking we are used to it, we are over the exiety, the scare, we know what to expect. Oh my, I was wrong, very wrong…… Continue reading How to handle a melt down at a swim meet