DIY Frozen Birthday Party

My oldest daughter is turning 5, and of course, when the time came to pick a theme for her birthday this  year it was FROZEN. I believe that in order for the party to be a success it has to be well organized and planned, where kids are being occupied every minute, or they will become… Continue reading DIY Frozen Birthday Party

Easy cooking project for a preschooler

Nutella Frozen Yogourt Sandwich Ove of the first cooking projects I have done with my kids was Nutella Frozen Yogurt Sandwich.  It is easy to make, fun and yummy.  You will need: Vanilla Yogurt Nutella (for a healthier choice: banana or strawberry) Gram Crackers First, have your preschooler spread Nutella on Gram Crackers Then, put… Continue reading Easy cooking project for a preschooler