DIY Frozen Birthday Party

My oldest daughter is turning 5, and of course, when the time came to pick a theme for her birthday this  year it was FROZEN.

I believe that in order for the party to be a success it has to be well organized and planned, where kids are being occupied every minute, or they will become uncomfortable and bored, especially if you have many different guests who don’t really know each other.  At first,  I was going to buying an Elsa costume for me and be Elsa. I was going to organize some “Frozen theme” activities like:

Coloring Frozen picture

Putting carrot nose on Olaf (pin the tail on a donkey),

pinsnowfaceSnowman Game_0008
Making Olaf out of marshmallows and toothpicks,

Making bracelets out of white and blue beads

Face painting

Then I was going to read them a Frozen book

Sing Let it GO

For Party favors, I was going to have kids take home what they made, all that I needed to purchase was empty bags for party favors.

For snacks I had:
a blue Jello  “Ice Cubes”

carrots “Olaf Nose”

Sandwiches for “We finish each other sandwiches”

Cheese sticks  “Olaf”

Frozen Ice Cream Cake


For drinks I had water with “melted Snow” free printables on them.


For decorations, you can use any white Christmas decorations or print some free Frozen theme home decorations.


I did similar Birthday Party last year, where I organized, planned and was a host of the 4 year old party. Everyone loved it and it was A LOT of work where I was able to interact with all the kids and bring the joy to them directly.  If you have a support group, this is a great Frozen Party Idea, that will not cost you a lot of money.

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