Easy and Fun Frozen Party for 5 Year Old

My daughter just turned 5, in our house Birthday Parties are BIG.  When I was a little girl, my birthday was the most important holiday of the year for me. I loved that for one day, everything was all about me. My mom usually had a big party for me and my friends with different games and activities, yummy food and a big special cake that we made together. My birthdays memories are the happiest memories from my childhood. When it came to having my children’s birthday party, I knew that I wanted them to have the same special memories as I did.

wpid-20141012_161205.jpg            wpid-20141012_144847.jpg
This year when it came to selecting the theme of the party, Frozen was the number one pick.
At first, I was going to be Elsa and carry the party myself. After talking to my husband and realizing that he has to work the morning of the party, and I have to do everything, cleaning, cooking, decorating and planning a party, I realized that I should find help.
Right around that time, I saw a picture of someone that I knew on a facebook. A girl also was turning 5 and she had Frozen party with Princesses Anna and Elsa at the party.  Until then, this idea hadn’t even crossed my mind. So, I started to look around to see if I could have the princesses coming to our party. To my surprise, it wasn’t too expensive, and the package that they offered was too much fun to pass up.
Once the entertainment was taken care off, I could relax and start thinking how to transform my house into a Winter Wonderland.
I did a lot of research, and to be honest, there is a lot of different Frozen decorations you can buy or download for free from the Internet. I was downloading some things when I realized I have a ton of Christmas decorations that I can use for the party. I had a snowman that we use as our front yard decoration during Christmas, this was our Olaf. Then I had a large white center piece that we use during Christmas time, so that was our table decoration. Then I took some snow flakes that were Christmas ornaments and spread it around the room. The room looked very wintery and I didn’t even use any of the downloaded Frozen pieces.

image        image

For the menu, my Birthday Girl, said that she wanted pizza. So I just had to put together some appetizers and a cake. I had some standard crackers and cheese, Olaf nose- carrots, blue jello- ice. And I made Frozen ice cream cake (read the recipe in my next post).

To put everything together was relatively easy, everything was ready 30 minutes before guests arrived (for me it is very good, usually I am 5 minutes behind.)

I invited everyone to come 30 minutes before the princesses, in case people are running late. When Anna and Elsa arrived they had a very packed program for 90 minutes (coronation of the birthday girl, princess lessons, manicures, parade, singing songs, coloring, reading a book, dancing, taking portraits).

wpid-20141012_152355.jpg           wpid-20141012_154020.jpg       wpid-20141012_152009.jpg wpid-20141012_151237.jpg

To be honest, 5 year olds and under were done after the first hour, they couldn’t wait to get to pizza and be done with the activities. Keep that on mind, if your kids are young, their attention span will be pretty short.

When the princesses left, everyone had pizza and the cake. At last, we opened all the gifts, thanked all the guests and the party was over.

My girls and their friends are still taking about it, they say it was the best party ever and I was able to pull it off all by myself with a little help from a Fairy Godmother.

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