Teach Your Children to Play

My girls love to play together. They play mommies, school, gymnastics, grocery stores and other pretend play with each other and their dolls.  They come up with different games all the time, and I am so proud, that they have such a great imagination.

It wasn’t always like that.  For a while I could see that they want to play a dollhouse but they don’t know how,  I could see that they like dolls but they don’t know how to play with them besides taking their cloths off.  One can say, how hard is it to play with a toy, but I believe we have to show our children how to play with those basic toys like a dollhouse, a doll, or even a ball or those toys are just going to be a one-second excitement and they will end up laying around the house unused.

Kids can probably undress a doll by themselves as well as kick a ball, but there is so many other ways to play with a toy, using it differently and we, as parents, need to demonstrate our children how to use their imagination while playing with a toy.
The best way to teach kids play is to play with them.  Yes, get down on a floor, take one doll or a dinosaur give another one to your child and play with him/her.   I know, I keep repeating PLAY, but what does it mean?  It means that you have to pretend that you are that doll that lives in a dollhouse that wants to go to a store, a park,  or a ball and you want your friend to come with you, and both of your dolls have to dress up for the occasion, eat dinner get in a car and go there. It sounds strange and it will feel weird, but if you don’t show children that toys can be used to create different worlds with imagination, they will never know.

While playing with your kids you will notice that those times create a very stronger bond between you and your children and they will remember those playtime for a long time.

2 thoughts on “Teach Your Children to Play

  1. You are so right. Playing with them is so important … hard to do when I feel busy, but it’s our precious time with them and soon we will miss these moments when all they wanted was to be with us!


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