A simple life of a stay at home mom of 4 and 2.5 year olds

As kids get older life get simpler, there are no more diaper changes when you have to leave the house, there are no more nursing every three hours, but there are new events are being added to you life. It is not just a playmate at a park, it is driving from one place to another all day long with healthy snacks and meals in between.

Some of you might ask why do I have these detailed daily routine? The answer is simple, when my husband comes home and “Oh No” the house is not cleaners or put together there is always a look in his eyes: “What did you do all day?” So, to answer his question, I decided to document everything I did all day. Did it help with the look? For a little bid, but then it all copies back to the same:What did you do all day? Maybe you shouldn’t have so many playdates planed”. Maybe, but I think it is important to have our children to be exposed to as many things as possible. Plus when my daughter comes to me and as :”Mommy can I please do T-ball, all of my friends do it, ” I can’t say no, call me softy, but I just can’t. As long as we can afford it I can fit it in my schedule. It is my job. Ok, enough of prelude, here is the my daily routine from last spring.

A day in my life as stay at home mom of Anastasia is 4 and Tatiana 2.5

7am woke up

7:05 got milk

7:10 made coffee, breakfast, checked emails

8:00 had coffee, got everybody ready

9:00 took the girls to gymnastics and played with them there

10:00 went to the grocery store

11:00 made soup

11:30 taught Anastasia two-wheel bike

12:15pm eat lunch with girls

12:45 take Anastasia to school

1:10 got home made phone calls while Tati take naps

2:00 went on the run with Tati, washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen

3:00 prepare snack for Anastasia after school

3:10 got Anastasia’s tball gear together

3:15 went to the store to pick up a gift for Anastasia’s teacher

3:45 pick up Anastasia

4:00 snack time at the preschool

4:10 got home, bathroom time change into tball gear

4:15-4:30 wash the floors, clean up

4:30 went to tball

4:30-5:30 play with Tati during Anastasia’s tball

5:35 vacuum

5:45 Anastasia’s playdate arrived at our house

6:00 cook dinner

6-7:30 dinner time with the friends

8:00 put girls to bed

8:30 wash the dishes, clean up the toys

9:30-10:30 watch TV

10:30 go to bed

Ok, I have to admit, that not all seven days a week are like that, but three or sometimes four is, and I am sure that it is not just my life, all the so called soccer moms who don’t get enough respect for staying home have life that is just as busy as mine.

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