A day of my life with two toddlers (2.5 and 1 year old)

Just when I think my life is too hard I revisit my past. Here is detailed description of how my life was when the girls were one and two and a half. If you still thinking about the illusion of how easy life is for stay at home moms READ THIS.

A day of my life/ 06/05/2012

3am Tatiana got up and I went to her room to sleep on the futon with her

5am Anastasia got up and wanted to drink some water and come to bed with Tatiana and me. I gave her water and bagged her to be quite just so Tatiana does not get up. 30 minutes later Anastasia was back to sleep.

6am Tatiana got up saying, “bottle-bottle”. I took her climbed over Anastasia and went to get her formula. Gave her formula went back to my bedroom where my husband was a sleep and tried to put Tatiana back to bed. Did not work. Put Tati on the flour. Hear “BUM” baby knock over the mirror.

7am I got up. Make coffee. Give Tatiana breakfast. Tried yogurt, she did not want it, then gave her a squizzy

7:30 went to wake Anastasia up. She did not want to get up.

7:45 told Anastasia it is time to go to school

8:20 Get Anastasia dresses for school. Anastasia decided she want to eat yogurt in her high chair while George stars to get ready to leave

8:25 I am getting Anastasia’s snack ready for school, Anastasia is eating breakfast George puts his shoes on

8:30 ready to leave, Tatiana needs a diaper change.

George takes Anastasia to the car, she screams she does not have her shoes on, I say her shoes are in the car. I change the baby

8:40 we are all in the car, Anastasia screams that she wants only mommy to put her seatbelt on while I am putting baby in her seat.

8:43 we are on the way to take George to the train station.

8:50 we barely made it. George got on the train

8:55 we got to Anastasia’s school, I had to fix her hair in the car before leaving.

8:57 in the classroom, sigh in Anastasia, date her snack, and play with Tatiana

9:15 done playing back in the car just with the baby.

9:20 got to the grocery store, got a latte, meats, coffee, plans for the garden

9:55 went to RadioShack to get a memory stick for Anastasia’s school photos.

10:10 got back home put Tatiana to sleep put all the groceries in the refrigerator

10:15 tear down the old garden, fertilize the ground, and planted tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberry

11:10 got Tatiana up gave her bottle put her on the bike and went to pick up Anastasia

11:35 got to school, circle time

11:50 tried to remember to leave the memory stick in Anastasia’s classroom

12:00 got everyone on the bike and went home. On the way home stopped at one of the parks.

1:00pm got home. Gave Tatiana a bottle, feed Anastasia tomatoes, carrots and sour cream.

1:15pm put Anastasia for a nap

1:20pm call my mom while playing with Tatiana on the back yard

1:45pm tried putting Tatiana to sleep, realize Anastasia needed a diaper change. Put Tati down, change Anastasia diaper, gave her another bottle of water.

2:00pm Sat down listening both girls crying trying to go to sleep

2:10pm realize I was starving. Started cooking. Cooked chicken liver pate, got chicken ready for dinner “chicken parmesan”, grilled meatballs, boiled rice.

3:50 Tatiana and Anastasia wake up. Gave them lunch, let them play while I was continuing cooking and cleaning.

4:35 called George to find out he was coming home around 7pm

4:45 done with cleaning

5:00 went to the park with the girls. Playing sand castles, swing, climbing

6:00 got back home put chicken in the over, and pasta to cook while girls are playing outside.

6:30 Anastasia wants to make cookies. Making dough, a mess, cleaning the mess.

7:00 George is coming home, seating down for dinner

7:50 George is giving the girls a bath while I am seating down to brows the Internet.

8:00 girls are done they want “mommy” to take them out

8:10 putting PJ on Tati and trying to watch a family show.

8:30 put Tati to sleep clean after the dinner. Get an argument with George that I am not too happy and grumpy; I am saying I just want to finish cleaning and relax

9:30 put Anastasia to sleep,

9:35 put all the toys a way, clean up a leaving room

9:40 seat down to write about my day

10:00 George is trying to watch a movie but it is too loud for me, we get in a fight he leaves angered, but I don’t care I am too tired

10:10pm I am done for today. I still have to fold laundry, but I will have to put it on hold till tomorrow

10:15 going to bed

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