I love being a Mom

Another day, we were going to bed and Anastasia told me:

“Mommy, I wish you were my sister.”

“Why?”- I asked.

“Because we would be the same size and we would do everything together FOREVER!”   I started to cry.

To get my self throughout college I worked as a nanny for many years. It is then, I decided that I would love to stay home and raise my own children.

I got my degree in physical chemistry, and I started working on my PhD when my oldest daughter was born.  I knew, there was nothing more important to me than to witness her first smile, her first steps, to be her first friend, and to be the first and the last person who she sees before and after she go to sleep.  I took a year off school, and when it was time to go back, my PhD started to seem so meaningless.  I’ve chosen to stay home and raise my own children.   Today, I am living my dream life with my adorable two little girls, thanks to my dearest husband George who allows me to do so.

Of course, I have good days and bad days, from my previous posts you saw, raising kids is a very hard work, and I enjoy every minute of it.  Occasionally, I still get society pressure get to me, when I hear that I should be going to work because my kids are getting older.  I go and apply for a couple positions secretly hoping that I won’t get selected, because all that I want to do is to stay home with my kids.
Ok, I don’t just stay home with them, I cook for them, I educate them (we do “home work” from some work books), I play puzzles, games, dolls, I take them to classes, sport activities, and parks. More importantly, I am being their mom: I am there when they are hurt, I am there when they have a question, I am there when they want to share some excitement with me, I am there when they are wrong and they need someone to tell them why, I am there when they just need some love…

I am not saying that we should shelter our children, no, both of my girls go to preschool, where they get positive interaction with other kids their age.  Plus, I am a mom, for me my kids are the best, but I also want to hear it from other people.  It is so rewarding to hear from teachers and other parents that your kids are caring, loving, smart, and well mannered.

When youngest three year old came to me and said: “Mommy you are my best friend,”  I knew that I made the best decision of my life when I chose to stay home with my kids.

2 thoughts on “I love being a Mom

  1. Dina you are one of the strongest people I know!! Social pressures are so hard… I feel I have lived with those pressures for years for a completely opposite reason! I think it is so important to do what is best for you and your family always and we need to be strong women to not let any other pressures consume us. Because in the end no one cares about what we do.. except for your family:).

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