How to Take a Chicken Apart

I don’t like to waste any food.  So when I buy a chicken I like to cook every part of it.  For my family, I usually buy two chickens, take them apart and make 4-6 dinner dishes out of them.

From the chicken breast I make chicken parmesan, lemon chicken or chicken schnitzels.

From the legs and wings I make baked chicken with vegetables or just a simple BBQ.

From one carcass I make chicken broth for soups, risotto or other cooking, and I freeze the other one for later.

When I bring the chicken home from the store, first, I wash it to get ready to disassemble. Then, place the chicken on its back and find the middle between the two breasts.  Insert the knife and cut it in the middle.
Feel the breast and cut it out.
Do the same with the other side.
Next, flip the chicken and look for the joint that connects the wing to the body and cut in the middle of the connections on both sides.
Then look for the joint that connects the legs to the body and make an incision.
Once you cut through the joint feel the leg and cut around it.
Do the same with the other side and then disassembly is completed.
Your chicken is ready for cooking.

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