My Thanksgiving Menu

This year we are hosting Thanksgiving.  Here is what I am planning to serve. This is more for me to get myself organize, but you are welcome to grab an idea or two.

Puff pastry olives and feta cheese rolls and rosemary.
Crabs cakes
Buckwheat homemade crackers with goat cheese
Pizza bites (for kids)

Main course:
Pumpkin Soup Pure
Stuffed orange maple turkey
Mashed potatoes
Garlic green beans
Italian sausage Stuffing (made by my husband)
Mushroom Risotto (made my husband)
Candied Pumpkin
Homemade dinner rolls
Gluten-Free Bread

Pumpkin Pie
Cranberry pecan strudel
Apple Pie
Vanilla Ice-cream
Gluten-Free chocolate cookies

I will be posting the detailed pictured recipes as I cook 🙂

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