Christmas In Disneyland

Last year we went to New York for Christmas and it was so memorable.  When this year, my husband told that we are going to Los Angeles and Disneyland,  I was a little bit sceptical.  I really wanted to get in the Holiday spirit and I wasn’t sure Los Angeles was going to do that. However, I heard that Christmas in Disneyland is beautiful and I was willing to give it a try.
Every time before going to Disneyland I question myself is it really worth it: the drive, the crowd and the cost (although, we bought our annual passes earlier this year, it was a LOT of money)… Then,  I enter the Disneyland gates and all of my doubts go away, it’s like the air in Disneyland filled with hormones of happiness.  I feel like a little girl, who entered a fairytale,  it is truly the Happiest Place on Earth.  Everyone gets a touch of magic in Disneyland.  Children feel and believe that they are in an enchanted world. Everything from a music and decoration to costume characters and little girls wearing their princess costumes is  though out to the smallest detail to make kids feel enchanted.


For me, just seeing my kids leaving their dream and being happy makes me happy. In addition,  Disneyland makes it  easy for parents, the stroller ramps,  the little kids rides, kid friendly restaurants everything you can think of is there to make your life easier. All of the above truly makes your vacation a vacation and not a relocation.
Christmas time in Disneyland is truly beautiful.


There is a big Christmas tree right when you enter the Main Street,  everything is decorated for Christmas,  Christmas music is every where,  Christmas Parade, in a Jamboree there is Santa with a misses Claus, cookie decoration, star ornament coloring.


And of course the grand finale Christmas Believe Fireworks and … Snow!

I must say, even though,  we were still in California,  but Disneyland for sure brought us a Christmas spirit.

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