Don’t Rely Just on Your Kids Swimming

I saved my children from drowning today, I am still shaking. Thank you God for holding my little angels hands for putting me right where I needed to be at the moment. I have two daughters and both feel very comfortable in the pool.  My oldest one, Anastasia, is almost five and she swims competitively; my youngest one, Tatiana, is three and a half and she can swim 10 yards freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.

When the girls want to get in a pool at a friend’s house, I let them get in, but I stay outside of the pool. Today, we went to our cousins house and they have a nice pool, so my girls wanted to get in.  They were playing for a while in the water, and it was almost time to go home.  I was standing right by the edge of the pool, trying to convince them to get out, while all the other four adults were seated at the table five feet away engrossed in conversation.  Anastasia was trying to carry Tatiana out but the pool was too deep for her, so she started to sink.  She wouldn’t let her sister go unaided, meanwhile she was having hard time to keep herself above water.  When I asked Anastasia: “Why you wouldn’t let go of Tatiana?” She said: “She is my sister, I love her, I didn’t want her to die.”

This summer, one of my friends who also have kids in swimming told me that I should watch a video about kids drowning.  “Why?”  I asked.  “Drowning is very different from what you see in a movie, she said, it is very calm, and looks like the kid is just playing.”  I didn’t watch the video, but I remembered her words, and today, when I saw my kids drowning in front of me, that phrase appeared in my head.   I immediately jumped in the pool and got my kids out even before they realized what was happening. Parents, especially of kids who know how to swim, don’t rely just on your kids swimming ability, anything can happen.

If I wasn’t standing right next to the pool, watching my girls, the ending to this story could have been different. Please don’t leave your kids in the pool unattended and please don’t rely just on their swimming.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Rely Just on Your Kids Swimming

  1. This is one of my biggest fears and why I never bought a house w. a pool. They terrify me when it comes to the kids. My aunt has a pool and has alarms on the pool gates so if any of her grandkids opens a gate, a bell tolls kinda like a doorbell, so if she is not there, she knows to immediately high tail it over there. Im starting my oldest in swim lessons this coming spring…maybe I’ll start my 2 year old as well. What age did your kids start taking swim lessons?

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    1. We started with mommy and me classes when they were about 6 months old, when they were around three I started them in a regular swim lessons 3-4 times a week. Today both of them are comfortable in the water. However, last night experience showed, that even with the kids who know how to swim can be drone, if no one is watching them.


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